Thoughts from a Millennial about Promotional Products Branding

Young Millennials dreaming about cool promotional products

The promotional products you chose to target Millennial-aged employees and prospects are very different than the ones you have traditionally used for – well – the older generations.  Millennials are a force in the business world now. As of 2015, this generation of hyper connected individuals was the majority of the workforce and by 2030, we’ll make up 75% of it.  I know it’s scary!

Thoughts from a Millennial on Millennials

Millennials seem to be dominating blog articles and TV segments these days. Perhaps because everyone is terrified that we’re going to run the world into the ground while wearing off-brand skinny jeans and thick rimmed-glasses without lenses.  Don’t worry; this isn’t that type of a post. There won’t be any mocha-chai-coconut-milk-latte-fueled rants.  I simply think that as a Millennial, my perspective about how to win us over us as a customer is important to share – what will help me keep you top in my mind?  After all, a goal of your promotional products and promotional swag is impressions, loyalty and company recognition, right?

Promotional Products We Care About

The other day I found an article called “Top 5 Promotional Products for Millennials.” It was short and sweet, but I found it interesting and right on point. If you want to glance at it for yourself, check it out here. I thought I’d share its findings to easily demonstrate the products my generation is drawn towards – or not:

Portable Speakers

Yeah, that’s cool. It sure is nice to be able to play music everywhere you go. My only issue with these types of promotional items is this – I’ve never seen these at events, and everyone has a portable speaker already… in their phones. If I’m at an event, I may pass this up, just because I wouldn’t really want to carry it around, and I know lots of others probably wouldn’t either. That being said, it’s definitely a unique item to give out and it likely is a solid promotional product to cross multiple generations. We have some really great ones you can check out.

Power Banks

Yup. Sign me up. Here’s why – I recently went on vacation to New Zealand with my family for two weeks, and we constantly fought over chargers because some people forgot them (I didn’t, it wasn’t me, I promise). If we had something like this with us, all of us would have used it all the time. If I’m at an event, and your company is handing these out, I’d get in line twice to make sure I had a backup for if (when) I lost the first one. I don’t think these are just exclusive to Millennials either. Everyone is on their phone constantly for business and personal reasons and they need to have their phones charged. On the one day I desperately needed to charge my phone, if I took out my free power bank with your company’s name on it…I would remember what you did for me.

Wayfarer-style sunglasses

During my high school and college days I must have collected over ten pairs of these things. I used them all the time, lost them all the time, and found new ones all the time. This is a great item. My only hesitation is that a lot of companies use these types of sunglasses.  You want to ensure you’re doing something different with your promotional sunglasses. Stand out. Use bright colors.  Have a strategically placed logo. Do a bunch of catchy stuff because millennials are easily distracted by colors and features that look expensive…but really aren’t.  Sunglasses are winners for sure, if done right.

Comfort Colors Apparel

I was intrigued when I saw this item, and then I started thinking about how many tee shirts I have.  I know why this is so popular. It’s the style! Everyone is wearing these soft, warmly colored tees. Go walk around literally any college campus, hip city and vacation area and you’ll see Vineyard Vines, Polo, and Southern Tide taking over…but those are expensive tee shirts. I’m not spending that money on a tee shirt. Why not get a free one that looks just like one of those ones? Honestly, I think it’s cooler to have an alternate brand on your soft colored tee than some brightly colored whale. I’d rather have a craft brew logo or the name of hip tech company from California on my shirt instead of some small image that everyone else has.


I completely agree with this item being the top ranked one in the article. I’m always looking for a new vessel to hold my drinks in, both hot and cold. I just want one – simple, branded, cool, hip. Heck, if it’s a nice day and I feel artsy, you may be tagged in and see an Instagram post with my tumbler and your logo proudly displayed.

Win Millennials Over with Promotional Products

These promotional products are the key to a Millennial’s heart. You want us to have you on our minds all the time.  We share photos and opinion all over social media. We hastag. We have followers.  We take selfies all the time.  Put your name on something we’re holding up to our face eight-hundred and fifty times a day!