Why You Need a Promotional Marketing Agency

Promotional Marketing Agency

Let’s say you have a major promotional marketing campaign geared around an upcoming trade show. The show is a major part of your annual marketing and sales planning, and an opportunity for you to find new leads and customers. That means you have to get it right.

Not only do you need to drive foot traffic to your booth, but you also need to imprint your company’s name and branding on the minds of attendees effectively both before and after the show. Then you’ll want to follow up on that engagement to increase your chances of a sale. Getting from that idea to the dedicated result you need requires a lot of painstaking planning, effective spending, and hard work.

Given that, you’re going to need a lot of help, whether it’s from your internal team or external experts (which would preferably be one partner to tackle all your needs). If the project is large enough–or your in-house staff isn’t large enough–you’ll definitely need that outside help from branding specialists and full-service creative partners, from beginning to end. Here are a few reasons to retain a promotional marketing agency to get your next major campaign off the ground.

Imaginative Ideas

Knowing what branded merchandise will be effective is tricky unless you have a promotional marketing veteran on your team. You may also wonder what creative spins you can put on your branding to really make a campaign land. That’s where an agency can steer you to the right path from sketch to production.

An agency worth its salt will be able to tell you what kinds of tailored services and products are best for the specific context you need them for, whether that be a trade show or an in-house employee appreciation event. They’ll be able to suggest the right messaging to go with your logo and branding, ensuring that you maintain your brand voice while delivering something impactful. And they’ll be able to suggest effective customized campaigns which may include email, social, and content to accompany the products you’re purchasing, which in turn sets you up for greater success.

Custom Solutions

Sure, you can snag 100 cotton shirts and add your logo to them with a local screen printer, but is that something your audience really will value? Chances are they’ll end up in the bottom of the third drawer down in someone’s dresser, never to see the light of day again.

Where a promotional marketing agency shines is in their ability to deliver something special. That could be a high-quality shirt that’s more durable and attractive than what you’d be able to put together on your own, but it also can be products you’ve never thought of before, like branded water bottles or golf balls. Ultimately, it’s about product integrity and relevance as much as it is the actual catalog of products.

Logistics & Sourcing

Now you’ve decided on your message, and you’ve got a small flotilla of palettes filled with branded pens and caps headed your way. Storing those on-premise and getting them to your customers, employees, or even a trade show can be a daunting project requiring a lot of coordination, time, and money. Unless, again, you’re working an agency, in which case you are working with unlimited possibilities. PromoCentric, for example, makes products to order and delivers via fast, efficient shipping.

We also have a large warehouse space that allows us to bring in the products our clients need, do the printing and customization work we specialize in, and then ship those products where they need to go to ensure they arrive in time for your planned event, or even to multiple locations.

Expertise & Time-Savings

In summary, what you’re missing is the expertise necessary to pull all these elements together, and perhaps the time. Agencies live and breathe promotional marketing every day, which means they can supplement your own knowledge about marketing and your audience with more of the great ideas we’ve mentioned above. A smooth process and guided expertise takes work out of your hands, which means more time to focus on ensuring the final initiative is a success.

Taken together, we think this presents a pretty compelling case for enlisting a promotional marketing agency. If you’re looking for more information, or you’re interested in finding out what an agency can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us!