Akamai is the leading cloud delivery platform for helping enterprises provide secure, high-performing user experiences on any device, anywhere worldwide. Founded in 1999, global headquarters are in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Akamai has more than 4,000 employees. They had developed a webstore for employees to order branded products, but the previous partner had difficulty fulfilling orders in a timely manner. Along with cyber security concerns, more than 20% of the orders were produced incorrectly (wrong product or logos). When asked to create a totally new, custom webstore, PromoCentric quickly identified these issues to solve as well:

  1. Akamai was having issues accurately processing all orders, including rush items;
  2. They had difficulty sourcing, stocking and fulfilling orders on time;
  3. They were disappointed in the ROI for all promotional spending, from marketing to customer service.


PromoCentric created a new, completely custom webstore, calling on our extensive global network to stock it with a variety of the latest on-trend promotional items. The wider selection offered more choices, a greater assortment of colors and sizes, with better quality and at lower cost. We also developed a robust infrastructure and, to enhance cyber security, assisted in the creation and distribution of new user login protocols. As part of the beta test launch, Akamai’s team of cyber security experts unsuccessfully tried to hack into the site.


We developed a highly secure, totally custom webstore that delivers accurate, on-time and cost-effective global distribution. The store offers in-stock offerings, as well as on-demand items. With an expansive array of quality, sought-after of products, and reduced inventory requirements, we solidified Akamai’s stellar brand image to an ever-growing employee population.

Akamai Webstore

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