Lexmark chose to undergo a complete logo and image rebranding.  This required that their entire line of customer and employee facing store products be altered and produced. The company wanted to take the opportunity to identify the most creative and brand effective products to communicate their rebrand.

Lexmark Store Main


PromoCentric rendered Lexmark’s new logo and image onto a variety of external and internal facing products. We identified the most effective products to communicate both marketing and employee engagement messages with little direction from the client. PromoCentric managed the sourcing, production, shipping, all while keeping the restocking of merchandise under budget.


PromoCentric removed all effort from the client’s marketing team, providing them with a full replacement line of products to meet marketing and human resources goals.  We met all decision and delivery deadlines easily and sourced all products under budget for the client.

PromoCentric Lexmark Case Study

“When we redesigned our corporate logo, we had no idea how to promotionally roll it out to our customers and employees. Our colors were difficult to apply to items, and we were not sure what would be the most effective items. PromoCentric completely took the effort and worry away from us and provided us an incredible array of items to use for external branding, as well as for employee engagement.  We were able to complete our enormous branding project on time, within budget and completely surpass the expectations of management.”

–Sylvia Vincent, Events Coordinator, Lexmark Store and Club

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