Portsmouth Regional Hospital


Portsmouth Regional Hospital had recently been named with a Level II Trauma Center, a distinction that they are very proud of. They wanted to create a custom promotional piece that would help interface patient health details with EMS teams before the patient reaches the hospital. The piece needed to include detailed patient medical history that would be especially relevant during critical transport time prior to the patient’s arrival at the emergency room for care.

Portsmouth Hospital Branding


PromoCentric created a custom piece shaped like a medical “capsule” that can be kept on the patient’s counter or refrigerator. Details regarding chosen physician(s), prescription drug usage, and/or ongoing health issues are kept inside the capsule. Also included was a custom sticker for the patient’s front door alerting EMS to look for the capsule on-site to alert them to proper emergency care and medical details.


Portsmouth Regional Hospital can now deliver better medical care even before their patients come through their doors. EMS teams are better equipped to provide for critical patients as they are better educated on the history of their patient and what their specific needs include.

Portsmouth Regional Hospital

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