Spectrum Reach


Spectrum needed a cost effective and clear way to rebrand all of their offices after their recent merger. They wanted to create a BIG impression without costing big money. The desired result was a multi panel customized cling program that would allow corporate to “trade out” selective panels on an ongoing and quarterly basis. In this way, they maintain brand integrity and promote specific marketing programs and sales goals. And by including a customized “Plan-o-gram” with each drop shipment, the orientation of each panel is clear to each recipient and easy to display.

Spectrum Case Study


PromoCentric identified and sourced a series of large scale cling panels–similar to the popular Fat Heads model–to be used as a communication method for the Spectrum Reach’s marketing department. A program was also established for Spectrum Reach to regularly revise and replace art and sales messaging on multiple panels quarterly. PromoCentric will drop ship updated sign clings to all 200 offices as requested. PromoCentric manages the production of all panels, guaranteeing brand consistency and quality. PromoCentric also manages the updates and reprints for each “Plan-o-gram” for onsite display, and drop shipment logistics to each office location.


PromoCentric offered a simple turn-key solution to create a large scale onsite marketing and branding statement on behalf of Spectrum Reach. Each of their 200 offices will now display a series custom marketing and sales graphics that can be further customized and modified throughout the year. The client supplied custom branded artwork and PromoCentric took care of all the rest.

PromoCentric Case Study for Spectrum

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