TripAdvisor - Olympic Pins


TripAdvsior decided they needed a fun, engaging promotional campaign that created iconic brand awareness with arriving hotel guests and travelers. On such last-minute notice, with delivery on the other side of the world, PromoCentric was asked to do the seemingly impossible:  1) Get a huge rush order done on time; 2) Create a unique, custom marketing keepsake to build brand awareness with no margin for errors, and 3) Put our proven reliability on the line with TripAdvisor.


Our experienced, global sourcing team partnered with a factory in China to accommodate the rush project. The assignment: to not only quickly produce 100,000 unique lapel pins but also attach each to a custom printed information card. The pin and attached card were then individually packaged. Cards were double sided, featuring a city map with landmarks and “hidden gems”. The completed pins and cards were then sent in bulk to our fulfillment partner in the United Kingdom, who broke down the shipment and distributed, in varying quantities, to more than 40 hotels in the London area.

TripAdvisor London Olympics Pin


PromoCentric delivered a customer experience free from the headaches associated with global logistics, kitting & fulfillment, made more so with such a drastic turn-around. The keepsake lapel pins arrived in each of the hotels well in advance of the opening ceremonies. This gave TripAdvisor a highly visible branding opportunity on the world’s largest stage – the Summer Olympics. What’s more, the information cards increased business for the featured partners, along with overall web traffic and app downloads for TripAdvisor.

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