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Let’s Face It, Nothing is Easy About HR These Days

HR Not Easy

Your Job in HR is Critical and Challenging.
So, Put Us to Work.

Let us take on the heavy lifting to help you out. It will save you both TIME and MONEY!
(Save over $2,000 immediately and up to 25%)*

3 Steps to Putting Us To Work for You

Step 1

Open up a PromoWeb PREMIER WEBSTORE.
This online store will enable you to: welcome new employees, recognize top performers, drive employee engagement and/or boost morale.

Whatever your HR goals, a PREMIER WEBSTORE makes the execution smooth, stress free and easy for you!

Step 1

Step 2

Choose the merchandise you want to offer as part of your HR strategy. (Check out some of our favorites.)

Ceramic Mug

Ceramic Mug

Tommy Hilfiger Sport Shirt

Tommy Hilfiger® Sport Shirt

Fuji Lunch Gift Set

Fuji Lunch Gift Set

Step 3

That’s it. We do the rest.
New employees receive their ‘welcome to the company’ gifts and feel valued – whether they are in the office or WFH.

Top performers feel recognized for their outstanding efforts (and it fits!)

Step 3
Whatever the HR program, a PromoWeb Premier Webstore can support your goals.
We’ll set up the store, maintain inventory, maintain shopping permissions and pick, pack and ship to each employee!
You never run out of inventory and you never have to ask size or color preference!

Put Us to Work.

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