Employee Engagement – and Promotional Products?

Look anywhere on LinkedIn or in other business publications and you will find content and statistics related to the importance of employee engagement - keeping your workforce happy.   Until recently, employee engagement was often just an afterthought.  Yet, over the past decade, there has been an enormous shift in how companies define satisfied and engaged employees. Historically, this only meant competitive salaries, yet those days are long gone. Today, employees look for good salary, nice… Read More

5 Signs it’s Time to Makeover your Corporate Apparel

Wow, times have changed…and with the times changing, so has corporate apparel.  While some industries are holding hard and fast to business dress, casual work clothing has become the trend over the past decade.   Employees may like expectations, but they dislike dress codes, especially it seems the Millennials, who are a huge and valuable part of the workforce today.  “Dressing up for work continues to go out of style,” according to a survey released in… Read More


Promotional Branding Trends – the Moving Direction of 2017

Each year our largest industry trade show occurs in January – the PPAI Expo. As usual, we came back to our office with armfuls of new information about products and trends to help our clients achieve promotional branding excellence.  Yet this year, some apparent shifts in our industry were obvious and they’re important for promotional branding tactics in 2017. Of course, many of the promotional product trends of 2016 were still highlighted this year, like the demand… Read More


Top Ten Signs You Need New Promotional Branding

Who didn’t like The Top Ten List on the David Letterman show once they debuted in 1985? Everyone loves humor (or snarky sarcasm), especially about daily occurrences in our lives or mundane things we never thought about.  We know that you struggle to keep your company top of your customer’s minds daily and THAT can require humor in your day!  I don’t know a marketer who isn’t reviewing their impressions/lead data or a sales executive… Read More