TripAdvisor offers an inviting and inclusive culture for its employees. They wanted to create a branded gift package for any new hire who joins the company. Currently, TripAdvisor has over 3,000 employees in 45 locations, which proved to be an inventory, brand consistency and shipping challenge for the company.  PromoCentric has a long history with the client and was challenged to develop a consistently branded gift, which mirrors the culture and attitude of the company.  We were also charged with providing a solution to minimize the cost and effort of this ongoing internationally focused human resources effort.

TripAdvisor Branded Products


PromoCentric identified products which perfectly match their client’s culture and environment, regardless of the office’s country. We source and brand all items for the client and store these in our NH based warehouse. This not only reduces inventory costs for the client, but enables us to manage office specific shipping orders and complete kitting of the gifts. Our logistics department manages each TripAdvisor office’s requests and ships them on an as needed basis to all domestic and international offices.


TripAdvisor now offers each new hire across the globe a branded employee gift package on their starting day.  The human resource department simply needs to notify PromoCentric of their order needs, and all the work is managed by us. TripAdvisor does not need to manage complex customs requirements or shipping details and PromoCentric keeps the ongoing employee campaign within budget at all times.

TripAdvisor Zip-Up Fleece

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